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EFCA: Bi-Partisan Experts Reject Card Check, Why Won’t Senate?

The Senate is finally expected to try a procedural vote on the whimsically misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” today. Yippee, say the senators, we’re trying to deny workplace democracy! The vote should fail and the bill should be filibustered, but that’s not enough reason to make one happy. This is an unabashed power grab by the Beltway’s biggest special interest — Big Labor.

A new group has weighed in against EFCA. A bi-partisan coalition of former National Labor Relations Board members — the top guys at the government’s top agency overseeing the ways in which employees join unions — have signed a letter calling EFCA “fundamentally flawed.” The group includes Democrats appointed by President Reagan and appointees from President Clinton. (I have the letter floating around — I’ll try to post it later.)

Of course, the Center for Union Facts is continuing its campaign to educate the public about the issue. We ran another full-page ad today, this time in The Washington Post (where there’s been a back and forth between some powerful Georges).

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