Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

EFCA: By George, I Think He’s Got It!

In a battle of wills Georges today, Congressman George Miller took to task Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will for his journalistic broadside against Miller’s ridiculously named “Employee Free Choice Act”. As we’ve pointed out in full-page ads (and as Will mentioned in his column), Miller has previously extolled the use of secret ballots for recognizing unions — but his bill would practically end these secret ballot elections for working Americans who are deciding whether to join a union.

In 2001, Miller coauthored a letter to Mexican labor authorities praising the role of secret ballot elections. His current bill would all but end them. His old spin justifying the flip-flop: those elections were in Mexico. New spin: he says he’s remaining consistent because his bill would “retain the requirement of secret-ballot elections when workers in the United States are voting to replace one union with another union.”

What?! So the only people who get the protections of a secret ballot election are people who are already having dues deducted from their paycheck? With each new spin, Miller and company look more and more like apologists for Big Labor’s agenda and less and less like protectors of working Americans.

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