Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

SEIU Power Struggle: A “Stern Reprimand”

The SF Weekly‘s Matt Smith has the inside story, and it’s not a pretty picture for union bosses. More later …

UPDATE (10:15 am): A good quote pulled for you:

“Our concern is that if Andy Stern gets away with this thing with the nursing homes, each of the other divisions will do the same thing,” said Carol Criss, a medical transcriptionist at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara, who is the UHW-West shop steward at that facility.

Criss said she’s collected 2,400 signatures at her facility, demanding that Stern abandon proposals that would put Washington-based national union representatives in charge of local contract bargaining. She said she hopes to collect 70,000 signatures from workers at various facilities.

“Stern wants working relations with corporate America where they would accept unions, but they would be weak, ineffectual unions,” Criss said.

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