Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

“Election fairness for thee but not for labor bosses”

Columnist Deroy Murdock has a great piece over at NRO, where he reports on the dark side of the “card check” organizing scheme union bosses are hoping to install in place of secret ballot elections. “Beyond vote suppression,” he writes, “other union card-check tactics seem stolen from a Martin Scorsese picture.”

Throwing a nice link to our research, Murdock lays out a litany of real-world cases of union abuse. You should read the whole piece to get a full idea of what the world would look like if labor leaders can cajole politicians into passing the grossly misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act.”

Murdock concludes:

As the Senate considers this anti-democratic legislation, Democrats will fight for union bosses like UNITE’s Bruce Raynor. He perfectly expresses Big Labor’s position on jobsite democracy: “There’s no reason to subject the workers to an election.”

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