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More Public-Sector Union Hijinks in the Northwest

We got a note yesterday from the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (a Washington state think-tank that plays many parts, including that of labor union watchdog) tipping us off to an EFF initiative to keep union leaders accountable for their actions. Labor researchers at the EFF attempted to get records of the most recent negotiations between public-sector union leaders and the state government, but were stymied when several unions rushed to court to block any public disclosure of such records.

It’s a depressing story, but it’s enlivened a little bit by some of the union leaders’ rationales for keeping their negotiations with public trustees behind closed doors. In his declaration to the court, SEIU negotiator T.J. Janssen said: “If I knew that my comments would be available for public review, I would not be comfortable speaking until I had carefully thought through all my comments.”

Here’s our question: just what are union negotiators saying that they don’t want disclosed? Thanks to the quick legal maneuvers of Washington’s public-sector union leaders, we have no idea.

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