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Senator Unintentionally Tells Truth on EFCA

Some people just don’t get it. Union bosses are willing to spend hundreds of millions to elect friendly politicians who in turn will be expected to pass the biggest abrogation of workers’ rights in memory. Sen. Joe Biden’s trip to a Florida AFL-CIO town hall offers more proof — but with a surprising admission.

Right after noting that “[t]he AFL-CIO says it plans to beat the $46 million spending record it set in the last presidential race,” The Miami Herald turns its attention to the crassly misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act”. (You have to at least appreciate the reporter’s ability to subtly link the two issues.) If passed into law, EFCA would end secret ballots for every working American deciding whether to join a union.

But Sen. Biden — who was elected by secret ballot — has no problem with pandering to Big Labor. He even strains to defend the elections grab, saying: “‘If the most cherished right a country can give a citizen is the ability to vote … all you got to do is walk in and sign your name and be registered to vote … Why should it be any different to organize a union?”

It’s quite the (il)logical leap to admit that the most cherished right is “the ability to vote” and then say the whole union organizing process ought only to reflect the registration process. There are just too many examples of workers being abused by union officials when denied real elections (see just one example here).

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