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SEIU Slapped Silly in the South

SEIU officials caught the world off-guard when they marched down to Houston and badgered their way into representing 5,000 janitors. Not that the drive was very successful, as it netted an unimpressive contract including a clause allowing employers to pay non-union wages whenever the cleaning firm competes against a non-union employer (which is pretty much anytime). Nonetheless, SEIU is taking its power-play tactics down the road to San Antonio, where the union’s attempt to force through a law making it easier to win expensive contracts for city employees (making the cost of government higher and higher). Public opinion is decidedly against the union bosses’ ploy.

Yesterday’s San Antonio Express-News carried an editorial succinctly summing up the issue: “The whole exercise is unnecessary and boils down to a power grab by the SEIU.” And a columnist offered the insights of a transplanted Californian all too experienced with SEIU’s tactics. Recounting the Houston experience, the columnist concludes:

The newcomer from California said he believes the consequences for San Antonians will ultimately include “expensive and to-hell-with-you” city government.

Not to mention office takeovers, blocked streets and memorable visits from bellicose out-of-town SEIU bosses with little to lose and a whole lot of Alamo City lucre to gain.

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