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The Center for Union Facts Takes Washington

Today the United States Senate begins its examination of the absurdly named Employee Free Choice Act. If passed and signed into law, the EFCA would displace secret ballot elections for employees considering unionization in favor of “card check,” a petition-like process in which union organizers gather signatures on cards (if you’re thinking, “hey, card check sounds like it’s ripe with opportunities for intimidation and fraud,” you’d be right).

In the hopes of making it clear that EFCA is a terrible deal for employees, the Center for Union Facts is spending a quarter-million dollars to blanket Washington, D.C. with our advertisements. Today we’re running this full-color, full-page ad in both Roll Call and The Hill. And through Thursday, we’re blitzing local broadcast and cable television with back to back ads pointing out the flaws of card check as well as a big “thank-you” to union bosses for all they’ve done, whether their members like it or not.

“Class Election” on the perils of card check:

“Thanks, Union Bosses!” on everything that union members are “grateful” for:

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