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UFT Imports Sod as “Grassroots”

Another good editorial from the New York Post this morning: it looks like the United Federation of Teachers may have fudged things a little bit to maintain the appearance “that armies of parents are rising up against the city’s school-reform plans.” Dozens of hecklers stormed a New York City Department of Education meeting on Monday night to shout down Chancellor Joel Klein, who has earned the wrath of the public school establishment (especially the UFT) for his sweeping reforms. But the real “stakeholders” behind the heckling are the union and its fellow travelers, not parents:

As The Post’s David Andreatta found, many of the protesters actually have no ties to the public schools. One student admitted he attends a private parochial school. One “concerned parent” has two kids in school in New Jersey.So what were they doing there?

Well, the disruption was planned by the far-left Working Families Party, which is leading the charge – with its ally, the United Federation of Teachers – to derail school reform. [Emphasis added.]

Perhaps the children of the New Jersey “concerned parent” are in Newark schools. In that case, he may want to check out, and see how the UFT’s sister local, the Newark Teachers Union, is keeping bad teachers in front of ¬†good kids.

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