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SEIU Is Oregonian‘s Wallet of the Week

The Center for Union Facts has investigated the prominent political role of public sector unions in several states, including Oregon. Public sector union bosses help elect their own bosses, then turn around and negotiate wages and benefits that are driving huge debts for public pensions and healthcare plans. In Oregon, one of the most powerful public sector unions is Service Employees International Union Local 503 – which happens to be the Oregonian’s “Wallet of the Week.”

The paper notes 503 “is generally considered the second most powerful public employees union, after the state’s largest teachers union, the Oregon Education Association.” And all that power is going only one place:

SEIU usually is among the top five donors to legislative campaigns in Oregon, and 2006 was no different. They gave more than $315,000 to 2006 campaigns. All of that went to Democrats, and that also is typical for the group.

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