Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Protecting Bad Teachers — in the News!, the newest project from the Center for Union Facts, is the subject of a major story in this morning’s Newark Star-Ledger:

[T]he Center for Union Facts has long been critical of unions, but the Newark Teachers Union is the first of its kind targeted by the group. The focus on teachers unions began after the group uncovered abuses done by leaders of various organizations across the country.

Protecting Bad Teachers
The teachers union president justified his union’s behavior to the Star-Ledger by saying: “We protect a procedure the law has put together called tenure.” But what has the union done by defending teacher tenure? A grand total of five tenured Newark teachers have been fired in the space of four years — a firing rate of .032 percent. Does the union really think that 99.968 percent of the district’s tenured educators are fit to teach? See why that’s not likely at

For good measure, make sure to check out an ad we ran in Michigan on teachers union bosses and where all that dues money goes:

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