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  • Obama’s Union Sloganeering No Match for Facts

    Posted on Dec 11, 2012 by Center for Union Facts

    For the past week we’ve heard from breathless activists and politicians and biased journalists ranting about the Michigan legislature and governor moving to give the state’s citizens the freedom to work. Add the President of the United States to that list. According to the White House transcript, Barack Obama told a crowd in Michigan: [W]hat we shouldn’t be doing is trying […]

  • Unions Scold Corporations… For Trying to Keep Up With Union Politicking

    Posted on Oct 31, 2012 by Center for Union Facts

    As usual, unions are trying to have have their cake and eat it, too.  In this case, unions will spend tens of millions of dollars this election cycle telling their members which candidates to vote for, but at the same time, they are criticizing employers who engage in the same activity as being “improperly coercive.” Steven […]

  • Union leaders try to spin away election results

    Posted on Nov 03, 2010 by Center for Union Facts

    Democrats took a severe beating last night, losing over 60 seats in the House of Representatives, and at least six Senate seats. Republicans also had momentous pick-ups among governors and state legislatures. Exit pollsters found that voters thought the government was too big and that they disliked Barack Obama’s agenda. The results are very bad […]