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  • UAW Tries to Rewrite History on Corrupt Union Leadership

    Posted on Mar 16, 2023 by Team

    In honor of President’s Day, the United Auto Workers (UAW) launched a series of videos to highlight their presidents, both past and present. But not everyone made the cut. Conveniently, the union decided to skip over about half a decade and two pretty consequential union leaders. Anyone watching the videos will notice the years 2014-2019 […]

  • Tennessee Workers Deserve the Right to a Secret Ballot Vote

    Posted on Feb 26, 2023 by Team

    Today, the Center for Union Facts (CUF) will run a full-page ad in the Chattanooga Times Free Press asking why the United Auto Workers (UAW) won’t give Tennessee Workers a secret ballot vote. The ad highlights new legislation introduced earlier this week in Tennessee that would protect the secret ballot vote in union elections on […]

  • UAW Election Shake Up Could Mean a New Status Quo

    Posted on Dec 05, 2022 by Team

    The election results for the United Auto Workers International Executive Board members are in, and it doesn’t look good for the union’s entrenched officials. According to the unofficial election results listed on the court-appointed monitor’s website, five of the seven members of the UAW Members United slate won their races. This slate has been the […]

  • CUF Billboard Campaign Educates on UAW Corruption

    Posted on Nov 22, 2022 by Team

    This week, the Center for Union Facts is putting up billboards in Lordstown, Ohio. The two billboards are part of an ongoing campaign to educate workers and the public on the United Auto Workers’ track record. One warns that the UAW is under federal oversight after a corruption scandal. The other notes that a federal investigation put several UAW officials behind […]

  • CUF Launches Workplace Election Integrity to Protect Secret Ballots

    Posted on Aug 30, 2022 by Team

    This Labor Day, the Center for Union Facts is launching a new campaign aimed at protecting employees’ right to a secret ballot vote in union elections across the country. The campaign – Workplace Election Integrity – aims to educate workers and the public on threats against choice in the workplace and how they can fight back. The […]

  • UAW Accused of “Threatening and Intimidating” Members at Constitutional Convention

    Posted on Aug 02, 2022 by Team

    Members of the United Auto Workers hoping to have their voices heard at the union’s constitutional convention last week were reportedly greeted with hostility from UAW leadership. The convention was supposed to be a democratic gathering, emphasizing the union’s recent switch to a “one member, one vote system,” instead of the delegate system that was […]

  • Mobile Billboard Alerts Workers to UAW Corruption at Union Convention

    Posted on Jul 25, 2022 by Team

    Today, the Center for Union Facts placed a mobile billboard in Detroit, Michigan. The billboard — which takes up three sides of a moving truck — will run just outside of the United Auto Workers’ constitutional convention taking place at Huntington Place in Detroit Monday-Wednesday of this week. The billboard features both video and sound. It warns: […]

  • Ford/UAW Deal Prioritizes Union Interests Over Workers

    Posted on Jun 23, 2022 by Team

    Terry Bowman, a 26-year Ford/UAW auto worker recently published an op-ed in the Center Square calling out Ford Motors for being “in bed” with the United Auto Workers at a forthcoming plant in Tennessee. His main concern, and certainly a concern for any future auto workers in the state, is Ford’s neutrality agreement with the […]