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AFT Prez Called Out for Tone-Deaf Trip to Ukraine

Earlier this week, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten tweeted that she was heading to the Ukraine border to “assess the situation.” If you’re wondering what the president of an American teachers union was possibly doing almost a world away from the U.S….you’re not alone.

People were quick to clap back at Weingarten for abandoning the American students who need her most — especially after her abysmal performance during the pandemic.

Many criticized Weingarten for traveling to a war zone after claiming it was too unsafe for students and teachers to return to in-person learning during the pandemic. Others thought her antics exemplified how teachers unions have become all about politics, instead of what’s best for teachers and students. To make matters even worse, it appears the trip was funded by AFT members’ dues — even though it has little to do with representing the interests of the union’s members.

The outrage reached far and wide, but knowing Weingarten, she may too tone-deaf to hear it.

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