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CUF Launches Workplace Election Integrity to Protect Secret Ballots

This Labor Day, the Center for Union Facts is launching a new campaign aimed at protecting employees’ right to a secret ballot vote in union elections across the country. The campaign – Workplace Election Integrity – aims to educate workers and the public on threats against choice in the workplace and how they can fight back.

The campaign features a website – – a video that explains how unions plan to compromise worker election integrity, and a petition to support the Employee Rights Act in Congress.

The campaign highlights three main threats to workplace election integrity:

  • The union push to replace secret ballot elections with the undemocratic and harmful “card check” system;

  • The Protecting the Right to Organize Act, a bill in Congress that would greatly limit employee choice in the workplace;

  • Neutrality agreements that compromise worker’s right to a secret ballot vote.

Labor unions believe these tactics will help restore union membership, which has been on the decline for decades. While a recent Gallup poll put the union approval rate at 71 percent, it also found that just one in 10 of those surveyed were “extremely interested” in joining a union.

The campaign urges the public to support the Employee Rights Act – a bill in Congress that would require secret ballot votes in union elections, as well as codify several other key protections for today’s workers.

This Labor Day, we should demand workplace election integrity. Americans everywhere deserve the right to a secret ballot vote in any democratic workplace election.

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