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Center for Union Facts Launches “Who Even Cares About Janus?” Billboard Campaign on Atlantic City Expressway

This week, the Center for Union Facts launched its “Who Even Cares About Janus?” billboard campaign in Atlantic City. The campaign coincides with the New Jersey Education Association’s annual convention (Nov. 8-9) and the convention of the New Jersey League of Municipalities (Nov. 13-15).

Teachers headed into town for the conventions will pass three billboards on the Atlantic City Expressway urging them to learn more about their rights under the Supreme Court’s recent Janus decision. The billboards direct teachers to where they can access facts on the Janus case and receive guidance on how to stop financially supporting a union that they don’t wish to belong to.

All three billboards address teachers attending the conventions and each board features its own question. 1) “Who even cares about Janus?” 2) “Is Janus good for your school?” 3) “Is Janus bad for your school?

In addition to the billboards, the campaign will feature digital advertising at the convention site that will connect attendees with

In time for the first post-Janus state convention of New Jersey’s teachers unions, this campaign aims to start a conversation about teachers’ workplace rights.

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