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Union Dues Support Candidates You Might Not

Here’s an interesting essay from a teacher on the front lines. He’s a Republican teacher in New Jersey who is disgusted by the way union officials demand that teachers vote how they are told by union bosses. Writes the anonymous teacher:

I had the displeasure of being a NJEA member. Having been born to a father that was a Teamster and believing in unions all of my life, I was in for a rude awakening. After an election the union representatives at my school actually had the audacity to ask me, “Did you vote the way we wanted you to vote?”  It was understood that because I was a teacher I was a rubber stamp for the union team.  My response was, “Maybe I did, and maybe I didn’t.”  I was appalled at the openness with which they tried to sway my vote because I am a teacher. Not all teachers are Democrats. I worked with many teachers at this district who were closet Republicans.

You should read the whole thing.

I’m willing to consider the notion that teaching is a profession that is more likely to attract Democrats than Republicans. I am not willing, however, to buy into the idea that 93 percent of National Education Association members are Democrats. I find it even more ludicrous that the American Federation of Teachers thinks that 99 percent of its members’ dues deserve to go to Democratic candidates. Do these unions really think they are representing the makeup of their memberships?

The leadership of teachers unions don’t represent the rank and file. They act as little more than a conduit to funnel money to their friends and allies in Congress. It’s a ridiculous situation, and one that needs to stop.

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