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Trucks for Bucks: Hollywood Teamsters consider entertainment industry shutdown

Remember the the Hollywood strike of 2007-2007 by the Writer’s Guild of America. Your favorite show probably had a strangely short season. Plot lines were truncated. Favorite shows on the cusp of being renewed were canceled.  It produced Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Colbert, Stewart, and Conan (remember him) fought. And we learned that some late night hosts aren’t funny; their writer’s are. It was a dark time.

It goes with out saying, then, that no one  wants to see another strike in Hollywood, except perhaps the Teamsters. They may shut down Hollywood in the coming weeks:

“”If they’re  [the Teamsters] counting on the producers caving, that’s the wrong strategy,” a studio-side source said. “A strike is entirely possible.” The low-profile Teamsters Local 399 represents several thousand drivers who move everything from production equipment to star trailers and electrical generators. No drivers means no equipment, and no equipment means no film or TV production. The Teamsters also represent casting directors and others, and the negotiations also include craft workers such as electricians. A walkout would idle these key workers as well as drivers. A strike would be the third Hollywood work stoppage in less than three years, following a 100-day writers strike in 2007-08 and a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) stalemate in 2008-09 that led to a suspension of most movie production.

It would be the first Teamsters action since a series of strikes during the 1980s. Unless the producers hire replacement workers – a contingency they already are preparing for – production would grind to a halt.”

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