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Teamsters demand blood money

Some things show up in my newsfeed and they just can’t be ignored. Like the AP article below.  Just one more example of a union not putting the health and well-being of our nation’s citizens first. From this morning:

PHILADELPHIA — Teamsters who work at American Red Cross blood services facilities in Philadelphia are on strike.

Kind of like that time when the SEIU effectively held a hospital hostage to further their own agenda. Teamsters: FYI, if there exists in the universe just one union NOT to take your cues from, it would be the SEIU.

UPDATE (12-04-09):

The American Red Cross won a court injunction against the Teamsters to get them back to work, convincing the judge that patients lives were at risk. From the press release yesterday:

The American Red Cross won a court injunction today against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 929 after its members illegally blocked vehicles from leaving the facility, interfering with blood shipments to local hospitals. The Teamsters initiated a work stoppage against the American Red Cross Blood Services Penn-Jersey Region earlier today. The union represents approximately 110 Red Cross employees who pack, ship and deliver blood to area hospitals, assist at blood drives and help maintain our facility. The Red Cross says union leaders are trying to disrupt the Red Cross Blood Services operations by going on strike.

The Red Cross says these tactics put patients at risk and required them to take legal action to stop this conduct. Doctors at area hospitals are now waiting for the safe delivery of Red Cross blood and blood products. Earlier today, the Red Cross says it had to inform union members that a two-year-old child’s life depended on our blood delivery before they would allow a Red Cross vehicle to exit the yard to get the necessary blood products to the hospital. At that point, the Red Cross felt it had no choice but to take the unusual step of going to court in order to seek relief from the union’s disruptions.

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