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Unions Want Another Stimulus

As debate about the stimulus’ efficacy escalates, talk about the possibility of another stimulus has arisen. Not surprisingly, the unions have jumped into the fray, calling for more:

A group of unions, including the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), said they will start pressing lawmakers for a jobs bill. They said the $787 billion economic stimulus approved earlier this year, though helpful, wasn’t big enough and didn’t include enough government spending.

This is timely, considering what I discussed yesterday about unions and their impact in California. The Golden State is the victim of the vicious cycle consisting of public spending, politicians, and unions. Is it going to be any different at the national level? That’s why I found this remark amusing:

“It was a good start. We have more information now,” said Thea Lee, policy director for the AFL-CIO. “All that info points in the direction that additional stimulus is needed.

Let me pose a question in response: is there a union out there that wants the government to spend less?

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