Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

“I think that basically Change To Win is dead.”

New York Daily News‘ columnist Juan Gonzalez offered his thoughts about the dramatic shift in events at UNITE HERE’s convention.

Gonzalez, undoubtedly like anyone else following the labor movement’s shenanigans, was surprised by how much support UNITE HERE garnered from other labor bosses against Andy Stern and the SEIU.

Gonzalez also opined that he thought Change To Win is now essentially dysfunctional and will cease to exist:

AMY GOODMAN: Do you think Change to Win, which broke away from the AFL-CIO, is going to make it, is going to last?

JUAN GONZALEZ: Oh, no, I think that basically Change to Win is dead. In essence, what has happened is that the reformers that were supposed to be the Change to Win unions have become so torn by internal division and by the attempts of SEIU to dominate the American labor movement that, in essence, the Change to Win Federation—it’s not officially dead yet, but my sense is, in my discussions with labor leaders around the country, is that some of the existing Change to Win unions will soon be rejoining the AFL-CIO, but probably without SEIU.

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