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Change To Win Gets Worked Up Over CVS And Contraceptives

I’ve noted how labor attempts to intimidate, harass, or humiliate companies that don’t bend to their will. Change To Win’s favorite target in recent months is drugstore retailer CVS, which they charge with allegedly selling expired products.

But that campaign apparently was not effective judging by what Change To Win is now complaining about:

Add condoms to the list of items under lock and key at some retail pharmacies, a practice at certain CVS drugstores that’s being criticized by a coalition of labor unions. The “Cure CVS: Unlock the Condoms Initiative” led by the labor group Change to Win is asking the nation’s largest drugstore chain to end the practice, which it says is more common in communities of color.

I’m not going to wade into the debate over access to contraceptives but I will point out what the CVS spokesman had to say in response:

“They’re waging a campaign to disparage CVS by using highly skewed or false information because we refuse to waive the rights our employees have under federal law to be able to vote confidentially in union elections.”

This is just another example of how unions wage a retaliatory campaign against a company because it won’t appease their demands. Using access to condoms as a talking point shows just how far Change To Win and its labor allies will go in their attempts to shame a company into changing its policies. Fortunately, linking contraception and card check is not going to resonate with the public, justĀ  like the rest of their failed campaigns.

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