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Memos Reveal More Union On Union Tactics

The latest revelations from labor-authored memos will likely exacerbate tensions  in the simmering civil war between  unions. The Politico featured two memos  that “offer unusual insight into a concerted, ad hominem campaign”  by enemies of SEIU’s Andy Stern.

Aides to UNITE HERE leader John Wilhelm drafted the internal memos. The union’s strategy and goal was made very clear throughout the memos: personally assault Andy Stern’s reputation. Part of the campaign sought to plant stories in the media to craft a narrative against Stern, branding him as “behind it all” and to “engender SEIU internal dissent.”

In a sign of how bitter the labor civil war is, one memo detailed that UNITE HERE deployed 20 researchers to target SEIU. That’s on-par with national political organizations like the RNC and DNC, and certainly more than most gubernatorial or congressional races.

Bruce Raynor’s “resignation” from UNITE HERE is unlikely to diffuse the turbulent conflict between UNITE HERE and SEIU. The details revealed from the internal memos once again illustrate what tactics and measures unions rely upon to win. It should be a concern for anyone who thinks that it’s a good idea to make it easier for unions to organize (re: EFCA).

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