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Obama Admits Card Check Eliminates Secret Ballots

Speaking at a townhall event today in New Mexico, President Obama admitted that EFCA’s “card check” provision eliminates secret ballot elections. Watch:

He also tacitly admitted that unions harm a business’ flexibility. When asked about EFCA, the President attempted to provide some context on the legislation. But he let slip that unions actually affect an employer’s bottom line.

Here’s the direct quotation from the President himself, followed by the video:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “A lot of companies, because they want maximum flexibility, they would rather spend a lot of money on consultants and lawyers to prevent a union from forming than they would just going ahead having a union and allow workers to collectively bargain.”


The President also erroneously claims that “the scales have been tilted to make it really hard to form a union.” But figures from the National Labor Relations Board indicate otherwise. Unions won 63 percent of secret ballot elections last year, a four percent increase from the previous year and the highest win rate since the 1950s. Based on such a high-win percentage, it appears the scales are actually tilted for unions, not against.

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