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News Roundup: Compromise Coming to DC, Card Check in Indiana

The WSJ reports that Starbucks, Costco, and Whole Foods’ CEOs are apparently coming to DC in the coming weeks in order to push their compromise plan. Given that Specter left the door open to a different bill, who knows what could be proposed next as a “compromise.”

The Politico reports that moderate Dems are saying that they support compromise as well. Meanwhile, the exec. director of Change to Win says his organization is “full steam ahead in the field and in Washington.”

Unions always say that card check will be a good thing for employees. Well, FoxNews tracked down a card check situation at a car parts plant in Indiana. Guess what? Employees agreed to a union on paper (after much harassment), and then voted down the union in a secret ballot.


In Wisconsin, a local paper reports the executive director of a development company says that a project has been put on hold indefinitely on account of the proposal of EFCA. The project would create 800 jobs. EFCA’s so bad, it’s a job-killer without even having been passed.

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