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News Roundup: Strikes, Fights, and Confusing Op-eds

The SEIU Leadership in Canada prepares to take strike action with Red Cross workers.  Since when is the Red Cross a vicious employer?  Who’s next the Salvation Army?

Flawless logic from The Huffington Post:  Unions increase economic growth, but “corporate interests” don’t want economic growth.   Hmm…last time I checked Wall Street gets pretty excited about economic growth.

(The report itself, of course, doesn’t directly accuse the GOP and corporate interests of opposing economic growth and recovery, but reading its measured analysis of the economic benefit of unions leads to the inescapable conclusion that anti-union business leaders have a misguided zeal for low wages at all cost — regardless of the impact on their own workers, their firms’ productivity, their own long-term profits or the broader economy.)

Let me get this straight, because I’m still baffled. Businesses don’t care about productivity, long term profits, or the broader economy. Wow.  I think people both on the Left and Right can at least agree that businesses definitely care about productivity and long term profits!

Politico continues to report on the UNITE HERE battle.

GM and Chrysler hold out their hats.

A new survey shows that 64 percent of likely voters are against loaning the auto companies more money.

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