Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

News Roundup: Union Leaders in danger of charges… and flying fruit

Schwarzenegger and SEIU reach a deal.  Both sides gain in the compromise.

Former Milwaukee Police Union boss charged with forgery and misappropriation of entity identifying information.

Angry Mini autoworkers in England throw fruit at their union bosses.

Union sources said workers had thrown fruit at managers but BMW denied the claim. A spokesman said: “No BMW managers addressed the workers. I have confirmation that the fruit was thrown at union representatives.”

The UNITE HERE civil war continues.

The Waco Tribune-Herald editoralizes against EFCA:

Union officials say the bill wouldn’t require secret ballots on whether to unionize, only that a majority of employees sign a card indicating a willingness to join a union. Problem is, it could well be done as union officials look on.

That’s intimidation.

We urge lawmakers to rally against this bill and preserve the basic tenets of our democracy — even in a place sometimes as autocratic as the American workplace.

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