Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Lautenberg nears fisticuffs with labor boss

From the PolitickerNJ:

After Lautenberg gave his pro-union stump speech to around 100 union members, he tried to engage a reportedly agitated Capasso in a discussion outside the union hall. The debate became heated when Capasso accused Lautenberg of taking work away from his union members, and Lautenberg responding that he fought in World War II to protect the rights that union members now enjoy. Both parties dropped a few expletives – nothing out of the ordinary for a political event in Bayonne. At one point, Steve Lenox, Lautenberg’s state director (and a former AFL-CIO staffer) needed to get between the octogenarian Senator and the union leader to make sure the argument did not escalate into a fist fight in front of about a dozen union members captivated by the debate.

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