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Will Franken and Melendez Act Like Grown Ups and Debate?

This ad challenging DFL Chairman Brian Melendez and Al Franken to, once and for all, debate us on EFCA, ran today in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The continuing refusal of liberal supporters of EFCA to actually debate the issue stands in stark contrast to former Senator George McGovern’s courage on this issue. 

Senator McGovern, a principled liberal, understands the issue clearly and has the courage to tell the truth.  At a time when our political process could use a few elder statesmen in both parties, it found one in George McGovern.

While we certainly don’t expect Al Franken and Brian Melendez to repudiate their support for EFCA, they could follow the lead of Senator McGovern and reasonably debate the issue in a public forum rather than resort to name calling and legal shenanigans.

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