Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Al and Elwyn: Dancing to the Union Bosses’ Tune

If only it were so easy for us to get straight answers from Elwyn Tinklenberg and Al Franken.  Recently, the AFL-CIO “asked” Al and Elwyn their positions on EFCA.  The two obsequiously obediently willingly provided the AFL-CIO talking points in response.

As with Ashwin Madia earlier this year, the Tinklenberg video isn’t exactly the stuff of ease and spontaneity.  It doesn’t quite meet the level of Madia’s hostage video, though it’s on that continuum.  I especially like the editing job.  Perhaps they had to stop the taping a few times and “remind” Elwyn of his lines.

Here, Elwyn.  Here, boy.

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