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Coleman Calls on Franken to Repudiate EFCA

Following on the heels of the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s editorial opposing EFCA, Senator Norm Coleman’s campaign called on Al Franken to “reject his position of supporting legislation that would steal workers’ rights to a secret ballot.”

In a story first reported on the widely-read blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed, Coleman reminded Minnesotans of Franken’s past failures to pay for disability and workers’ comp premiums for his employees.  Coleman Campaign Manager Cullen Sheehan went on say of Franken, “now he wants to violate workers rights even further by taking away their rights to a secret ballot.”

Now, when you’re to the Left of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, as is Franken on EFCA, you know you’re out of step.  Norm Coleman has been a stalwart opponent of EFCA, and he’s right to challenge Al Franken to be with the 95% of Minnesotans and the Star Tribune in supporting the private ballot. 

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