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EFCA an “indefensible,” “plain infringement on civil liberty”

Atlantic Monthly Senior Editor Clive Crook has a great post on a star-studded brunch hosted by Danny Glover in support of the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act:

The opportunities for intimidation are obvious. (A recent TV ad opposing the measure shows a Mafioso-type heavy offering a worker a card and a pen, as a bunch of thugs stand by.) Advocates of the law say that union-recognition elections are corrupted by employer intimidation, and the so-called card-check method is therefore necessary. Speaking as a worker, and bearing both kinds of undue pressure in mind, I would rather take my chances with a secret ballot. Other pieces of EFCA are less indefensible, and it is a shame to see them tethered to this plain infringement of civil liberty, but the unions want card-check more than all the rest, and the law’s advocates regard the measure as indivisible.

Crook also has a post up on the Financial Times In Depth site echoing similar sentiments:

It is a self-serving demand, and plays badly with the centrists the Democrats need to bring in. It is bad politics, therefore, as well as bad law.

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