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Tom Allen Tip-Toes Around EFCA

Tom Allen tip-toes around the issue of private ballot votes for unionization elections in a radio interview July 23rd. Because 92% of Mainers are against having their right to a private union ballot taken away, Congressman Allen has a difficult time explaining his support while giving the radio station listeners a truthful breakdown of the bill. The Employee “Free Choice” Act takes away the National Labor Relations Board’s 70 year policy of overseeing a private ballot election on unionization.

While out campaigning for cash in every state besides Maine, Tom Allen has heard through the grapevine that Mainers are finding out about his support for EFCA. The Employee Freedom Action Committee has been successful in educating voters on the consequences of EFCA and about Tom Allen’s sponsorship of that bill. Allen has countered not by explaining his support, but rather tip-toeing around the issue and by calling for his opponent, Senator Susan Collins, to denounce the truth. Neither option will make the facts about EFCA go away.

Listen to the clip here.

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