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Sen. Orrin Hatch on the Employee Free Choice Act


Senator Orrin Hatch and Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus discussed the impact of EFCA on CNBC. Here is how blogger Nick Osinki described it:

On CNBC this morning, they were interviewing the founders of Home Depot and they put it very bluntly. To paraphrase, they explained that this bill, if passed, would mean that a union could become certified and then install arbitrators that would set the wage rates for the company. Notice, that management did not enter into this equation. Could you imagine what this could mean for some companies? Could you imagine being a fledgling business, struggling to survive against your larger incumbent competitors, and learning that your employees just certified a union and that you would now be told what to pay your employees? This is exactly the issue at hand and it deserves far greater attention than what is currently getting.

Fortunately, it appears as though there are more than a couple of organizations ramping-up advertising campaigns to educate the public about the bill and its consequences. The fact is that this has already passed the house and only remains to pass the Senate before becoming law.


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