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Markey Avoids Real Issue Confronting Colorado Workers


In this clip, Betsy Markey, Democrat candidate for the 4th Congressional District of Colorado, chooses to ignore the fact that workers will lose their right to private ballot elections through EFCA, instead choosing to focus on the fact the Employee Free Choice Act will punish businesses and streamline the union organization process that has been in place since the great depression. Typical for a Union-backed Democrat, Markey does not see business as an opportunity for workers and the backbone of our economy, but rather as a hindrance that fails to advance her liberal agenda. She has already received over $62,000 from Union interests this election cycle thus far, a sum that will continue to increase through the course of the race.

Her website and campaign literature claim that she is a supporter of small business, but this is in direct opposition of her support for EFCA, legislation that will make it incredibly easy to unionize those small businesses, thus lowering productivity/profitability and making it harder to achieve success. Markey’s backing of this issue is clearly not in line with the hard working folks or entrepreneurial small businesses of Eastern and Northern Colorado…

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