Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Union Bosses and your local supermarket: workers left holding the (grocery) bag

Labor union bosses have decided to insert themselves into business yet again–this time they are trying to dictate where supermarkets are located. The Retail Worker Department Store/United Food and Commercial Workers union are going so far as to advocate for legislation that promotes incentives, such as tax breaks, for locating supermarkets in specific neighborhoods.

The union is pushing for legislation that would promote development of supermarkets in underserved city neighborhoods…The union supports a program of incentives and tax breaks to encourage development of supermarkets.

Businesses select the locations of their stores based on several factors, among them the community’s ability to generate sufficient profits to off-set the costs of being located in a neighborhood. Businesses must also consider their employees–if a store has to close due to insolvency workers lose their jobs. Let’s hope this union-backed legislation and its tax breaks are right for the workers in these underserved neighborhoods.

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