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How About a Stick of Butter with that Whine?

Apparently the United Food and Commercial Workers union has some plans for protesting celebrity chef Paula Deen this morning:

Yet on Monday, supporters of the United Food and Commercial Workers union plan to be on the sidewalk outside The Lady & Sons restaurant – and wearing chef’s hats, no less – to protest her role as a paid spokeswoman for the Smithfield Food corporation.

The head wear is a nice touch. But if it’s not too late, they should go with dunce caps.

You know, it’s this kind of relentless (and bizarre) campaign that led Smithfield to file a civil racketeering case against UFCW, as noted in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, where Kris Maher reports:

G. Robert Blakey, a lawyer who helped draft RICO and is acting as legal counsel to Smithfield, declined to comment on the litigation. In statements released by the company, he likened the union’s campaign to “actions of Mafia figures who arrange an illegal picket line and promise to remove it if the store owner agrees to take their garbage services.”

It’s worth noting that a court has recently said accusations made by UFCW about the company’s treatment of its employees were unfounded.

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