Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

EFCA: All About the Benjamins

Want to know the bottom line for why union officials and politicians are pushing so hard to pass the anti-democratic “Employee Free Choice Act”? It isn’t about workplace democracy. It’s all about adding new members (and their dues dollars), fast. Take a gander at this quote from the nation’s most powerful labor union leader:

SEIU President Andy Stern reminded delegates that the labor movement grew by 1 million members a year for five years after Congress passed the National Labor Relations Act in 1935, tripling the share of the workforce in unions. “We’re at the beginning of another historic moment,” he told delegates. “We have changed our unions. If we pass the Employee Free Choice Act, these unions will grow by 1.5 million members a year, not just for five years but for 10 to 15 straight years.”

We can’t make it much plainer. EFCA is numero uno in the union officials’ play book to restore their own dwindling power base.

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