Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

“I’ve never seen anyone in the UFCW organize squat”

What happens when you need a union but the modern union landscape doesn’t provide any real service? Oddly enough, you become an entrepreneur and start your own union. That’s what one Pennsylvanian has done because he’s fed up with the United Food and Commercial Workers failing to work for employees.

Eric Grumbrecht, and Acme butcher, says of UFCW:

 “They are the laziest organizers on the planet,” he said. “I’ve never seen anyone in the UFCW organize squat.”

Meanwhile, the local UFCW official — Wendell Young 4th (and second Wendell Young in a row to head that local) — tried to shoot back:

Young says Grumbrecht may be angling for a union leadership job – a charge Grumbrecht dismisses with a hoot. (“It’s very tempting to take a big-money job, but if I were really looking for a job, I’ve committed to suicide,” he said. “After this, I’m gone. I’m going to cut meat. That’s what I do.”) 

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