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SEIU Continues Schizophrenic Elections Stance

We’ve told you before that the Service Employees International Union has a strange relationship with democratic principles. They’ll let some employees choose whether to join the union through a real, secret ballot vote conducted by the government … but they won’t let others join that way. In fact, they are among the leading campaigners to completely end the process and replace it with anti-democratic “card check” organizing.

The latest oddity comes from Boston, where SEIU is trying to add new dues-paying hospital staff. As part of the campaign SEIU leaders launched, which sounds promising, right? Unfortunately, the union bosses are looking for an election lite — where the hospital can’t tell workers about dues, work rules, etc. that could affect their wishes to join. In essence, the union wants what those in the biz call a “neutrality” agreement that acts more as a gag order.

Unfortunately, behind SEIU’s latest democratic rhetoric is just another attempt to hurry employees into the union without giving them all the facts and a fair chance to vote their conscience.

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