Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Morning Irony

Good luck explaining this.

As we mentioned yesterday, the North Carolina NAACP has teamed up with the UFCW to demand that workers at a Smithfield plant not be given a chance to vote on whether to join a union.

It got us to thinking: When did the NAACP start arguing against voting rights?

Then, after looking into things a bit more, we came across two interesting press releases on the NAACP’s national website.


On March 2, the NAACP announced their support of the Senate bill to “End Intimidation and Deceptive Practices in Federal Elections.” And then on March 6, just four days later, the NAACP applauded the House for passing the Employee Free Choice Act, which does to union members exactly what the first bill is designed to prevent.