Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Checking Sources in the Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times is pretty good with its reporting on the on-again-off-again struggles between Southern California grocers and the United Food and Commercial Workers union bosses who brought their members to the brink of a strike. But in today’s story, which once again pronounced peace for now, the Times may have been hoodwinked by a union activist.

When seeking comment from a rank and file member, the Times turned to Jenny Riddagh, cited merely as a Vons employee. The paper reported, “Riddagh said she would be inclined to vote for an agreement that provides ‘second-tier’ workers with better health insurance and gives them a path to reach the top pay scale.”

But Riddagh is not just any ol’ ordinary union member. She has appeared in blatant pro-union propaganda for UFCW bosses on a UFCW-run website. Now she’s  using the Los Angeles Times to urge union members to support a union-negotiated contract. There’s nothing illegal here, but it is a little unseemly, and a little unfair to other UFCW members.