Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

EFCA: Edwards, President of All the People (or at Least 50% + 1)

Former Senator John “I Learned About Poverty At A Hedge Fund” Edwards has again endorsed “card check” organizing legislation.

The Hair Apparent was down with a handful of disgruntled employees of Smithfield, a food-packing company that is in the crosshairs of the United Food and Commercial Workers bosses. The UFCW chiefs are actively engaged in an anti-corporate campaign to smear the company’s reputation until management caves and recognizes card check. The company has already offered to allow employees to vote in a real election overseen by the federal government, but the union has declined to offer employees the protections association with a personal, private vote.

The AP reports of the Edwards appearance:

He vowed Thursday to approve a card-check bill if he becomes president, drawing a rousing applause from the small group of Smithfield workers he met at his campaign headquarters in Chapel Hill.

“(Card check) is the answer to this,” Edwards said. “It creates a completely level playing field.”

Unfortunately, the evidence is quite to the contrary.

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