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EFCA: The Union Facts Empire Strikes Back

This week labor leaders are trying to get the Senate to vote on the “Employee Free Choice Act.” EFCA, frequent readers will remember, is the bill that would end secret ballot elections for employees deciding whether to join a union and impose a government arbitrator’s contract on employees and employers alike. At the Center for Union Facts, we’ve kept some powder dry just for occasions such as this.

Today, readers of the New York Times, USA Today, and Roll Call all will see our new full-page ad highlighting the view of union “leaders” — that “there’s no reason to subject the workers to an election.” Sure, subject them to unionization without a vote and subject them to forking over dues to corrupt or bungling leadership, but don’t subject them to an election!

If the morning paper isn’t your cup of tea coffee, tune into CNN and Fox News to see our new TV spot warning of the intimidation inherent in the “card check” method of organizing employees. For those in D.C., you will pretty much find it impossible to avoid our ad.

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