Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

AFL-CIO Rolls Dice on Bogus Bill

Who’s going to pay for the next labor dispute in Nevada? If the union bosses have their way, the answer will be: taxpayers. The state’s AFL-CIO officials are lobbying to grant unemployment benefits to workers locked out during a dispute. For the AFL-CIO, I’m sure it would be nice to pass on the cost of their serious decisions onto the public, but c’mon.

Check out some twisted logic from a state politician and union activist:

“I’ve been part of a couple of strike votes … That’s my choice. But when the employer uses (a lockout) as a tool in a negotiation, that’s where I think it’s wrong. I view lockouts as part of that economic warfare.”

Yeah, that strike vote wasn’t “economic warfare” — it was just a tea party wrapped in labor rhetoric. Sometimes labor officials get caught mid-hypocrisy. It will be interesting to see if this Nevada gamble pays off.

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