Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

… And Yet Another Split in the House of Labor

The hits just keep on coming for labor leaders who seem more concerned about fighting each other than representing their members at the bargaining table. We’ve highlighted previously the fight between SEIU officials — who really dislike Wal-Mart — and UFCW officials — who really hate Wal-Mart. The internal Change To Win federation fight is largely over whether it’s responsible to work with an employer to improve the nation’s healthcare issues, or whether winning only comes by crushing the company.

In this fight, some voices may be getting locked out: namely, those of UFCW’s anti-Wal-Mart kook squad. Yesterday UFCW’s crack(ed) team members were barred from — and even tossed from — the latest SEIU/Wal-Mart forum on healthcare reform.

When you start locking out your allies, things are getting bad.

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