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Texas Company Sues SEIU Over Anti-Corporate Campaign

Professional Janitorial Service in Houston has been fighting off an anti-corporate campaign by dues-hungry leaders of the Service Employees International Union for too long. After SEIU officials scored a publicity win by pressuring the city’s five largest janitorial companies into recognizing the union’s card check campaign, SEIU turned its PR attack on the sixth largest — PJS. But PJS is the independent company that could, and it hasn’t backed down in the face of union bosses’ demands. Yesterday, the company fought back with a lawsuit against the union.

From the company’s release (informational link and emphasis added by yours truly):

Houston – Professional Janitorial Service of Houston, Inc (PJS) filed a lawsuit in
Texas State District Court today against the Service Employees International
Union Local 5 (SEIU) and against Dan Schlademan, their Commercial Division
Director for defamation, tortious interference and business disparagement. “The SEIU has engaged in many tortious actions including sending defamatory faxes to our customers and their tenants, harassing and intimidating our customers along with companies and individuals that may be contemplating doing business with us.” says Floyd Mahanay, PJS President. “We cannot sit idly by anymore while the SEIU continues to attack the character and reputation of PJS and harass our customers that we have had excellent relationships with over many years.”

Brent Southwell, CEO of PJS, commented: “We are looking forward to seeing what a Texas jury thinks of the SEIU’s campaign to defame, interfere and harass our customers and our company which has been doing business successfully in Houston for nineteen years. We have had an excellent reputation in the Houston real estate community and the SEIU is trying to destroy it.”

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