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When Corporate Campaigns Dumpster Dive

If you read this blog even occasionally, you’re aware of the lows some anti-corporate campaigns can hit. Even labor aficionados know that. Today’s installment comes, not surprisingly, from Service Employees International Union organizers. They’re taking aim at JP Morgan Chase, which has not yet handed its janitors over for union membership. So, the union guys seem to be thinking, we need to get some dirt on this company. Or, hey, why not some trash?!*

From blogger “Some Yahoo” comes coarse language, but a good point:

The Janitor’s union wants JPMorgan Chase to unionize. They refused, due to the fact that being a union shop means shoveling out gobs of money for nothing productive. End of story, right?

Wrong. Now the SEIU is making obviously bogus smear videos in an attempt to bludgeon Chase into submission. Look, a**holes, if you can’t win an argument with the truth, then shut up and go home!

If past is prologue, the trash stunt isn’t the lowest they will go.

*Anyone around the labor field long enough knows that union organizers have dumpster diving in their arsenal when attacking a company, or when trying to figure out which employees may be sympathetic to an organizing drive.

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