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More on “Corporate Campaigns”

We recently touched on corporate campaigns (more aptly labeled “anti-corporate campaigns”), and we’re likely to do more of that in the future given union bosses’ reliance on their negative PR campaigns to bully companies. We came across some worthwhile thoughts from an ardently pro-labor blogger who’s decidedly against this tactic.

Over at galileo begrudgingly obeyed rome, the point is clear. Referencing the UFCW campaign against British grocer Tesco, the blogger goes on:

I wish I could say that this is simply a misguided tactic limited to one small union campaign, but it is not. Corporate campaign is a major organizing tactic and too often it is the main organizing tactic used on a campaign. Rather than talking with workers to build a movement inside a corporation, labor is talking with managers. In fact, as the name implies, corporate campaign is not about workers at all; it is about corporations and unions. It is not about making worker’s lives better, it is about getting a union at a company.

Of course, any discussion of modern corporate campaigns has to include the UFCW’s relentless and costly attack on Wal-Mart, and our author doesn’t disappoint:

WakeUpWalMart is merely an attempt to pressure WalMart into allowing unions. The moment WalMart agrees to allow unions, is the moment that WakeUp WalMart comes down and “we” no longer care about business practices, the wisdom of Sam Walton, the safety of our communities, who WalMart gives money to, and or the tax burden on our communities. In fact, the moment UFCW is into WalMart would be the moment I would be expected to head down there and start enjoying amazing savings on cheap-ass goods and services.

As our author notes, UFCW’s tactics are the same as those of its Change to Win allies over at SEIU:

… it is easy to see how the tactics of UFCW so easily blend in with those of SEIU. Not surprisingly, these two unions have joined together to “revolutionize” labor in America. Obviously, so people very dedicated to the labor movement disagree with me, but from what I can see, SEIU, UFCW, and, if I may smear with the same brush, Change to Win seem way more focused on growing unions, than on improving the lives of workers. Everything I read about these guys is about putting pressure on corporations in order to get them to agree to allow unions.

As if on cue, CTW just emailed an alert attacking Wal-Mart.

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