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UNITE HERE, Intimidation, and the Card Check “Firing” Myth

We’ve discussed at length the bogus math union bosses use to push their anti-democratic agenda. The most prominent (and most faulty) argument in their arsenal is that employees get fired left and right for wanting to organize a union. That doesn’t hold water. But this week a story from Los Angeles brings the issue into relief — once again, UNITE HERE leaders are embarassing themselves and debasing democracy.

UNITE HERE’s leaders, who aggressively avoid real organizing elections (after all, they say, “there’s no reason to subject the workers to an election”), are crying foul. They have filed an unfair labor practice charge against a hotel for firing an employee during a card check organizing drive. Notwithstanding UNITE HERE’s own record of unfair labor practices, the union bosses aren’t telling the whole story.

As the Daily Breeze reports, the hotel says it fired the employee because he “was arrested on allegations he attacked a co-worker with a stick and had other problems over confrontations with hotel guests.” The paper continued:

“This type of bullying by agents of the union is exactly why Hilton LAX employees want a secret-ballot election, free from harassment and intimidation,” the hotel said. “Employees and guests of our hotel should not be forced to endure these kinds of brutish intimidation tactics, and this kind of deplorable conduct should not be tolerated.”

Hmm. There’s no such thing as union intimidation or violence during card check campaigns, eh? Syndicated Deroy Murdock has the facts debunking that myth.

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